You'll know when you've tried

Hello reader, I have to say that last week was quite busy whereas there are many things I wanted to write about on my blog. Woah, been waiting for the day to spend my time on here, and finally I’m here now, thanks God ;)) 

I guess I should let you know what’s going on. Last week on wednesday I attended an english debate competition not as an audience but as a debater, a very new debater who lacks of self-confidence and knowledge. It was my first experince so I was afraid of some debaters who speak english very good and had won many competitions. 

I tried to convince myself that I would get through it all, faced those experinced people is not too bad because I'm on the way to be an expericed person as well, umm hope you understand what I just said, my dear reader, lol.

In that competition, me and my partner named Neni was in the opposition team which means we have to againts the motions, it was about "This house believe that English language should be legalized". Well, such an easy motion, right? Umm yeah, It's easy if I were in the goverment team who agreed the motion, unluckily.

When the time to write our argument started, my brain went blank suddenly, I didn't know what to write on the paper, I asked some questions to my partner about what would I write and say later but she said random words that couldn't be understood easily by me, I'm such a slow thinker.

About several minutes later, it's the time for me to tell about my argument which againts the motion, I inhale the oxygen as much as I can to make me feel better and to avoid my apparent death excessive fear. 1 2 3.... tadaaaaaaa I was talking with shaky voice, shaky hands, and shaky legs, Thanks God, my head didn't shake that time (?)

Huh I feel so happy for that, yay, not because I won the competion (Bassically Not!), but because I've got the experince to be a debaters. Yay

Btw, From now I want to write in English in some posts, it is to improve my English writing skills because my skill in writing is not good enough,  huh.

Okay, see you later guys, hope you have a wonderful week:))

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