What is life mean to me

Two weeks ago I got an assignment from Mrs.Dila in English ability development class. She asked the student to write about what is the meaning of life according to our opinion then we have to read it out loud and record our voice. Bah!

Sooo I'm gonna write it down on my blog, you can read it below:))

Hi, I’m Noviyana, and now I’m going to tell you about “What is life is mean to me related to the existence of God, and the life’s challenge that I’ve gone through and how to deal with, and etc. 

The question about the meaning of life is the hardest one to be answered, but in my deepest thought, I would say that life is our destiny planned by God. The script is His! To choose right or to choose wrong, It is in our hand. God has given us brains to think and decide between right and wrong. So if we do wrong things we have to pay for it (Human can't escape the making of mistake, though) and if we do right things then we reap grace for the same times.

Life is about how we enjoying the life that has given by God with wholeheartedly, sincere, and patience. Undergo the difficulties and believe that there would be ease afterwards, forget the regrets in the past that make us sad, and not to worry about the future, because keep being worried about it wouldn’t make us know how our future looks like, it’s better if we do something useful and beneficial in the present that will certainly affect the future because our future depends on what we are doing right now (present).  We also have to appreciate what we had gained yesterday, enjoy and be grateful for what we have today, and pray to God to make tomorrow be better.

For me God is the author and the creator of life. I feel, I know, I recognize, and I see God exist in my life. Well, honestly I can’t prove that God exists physically because it is impossible but God has given thousand proves to me that he exists. He exists in my life, and in everyone’s life.

I come across various difficulties in my life, and I really be grateful for all the difficulties and challenge in life that I have got, because I know God won’t give us something that we couldn’t handle, God always gives me a solution and ways to face it. Alhamdulillah.

Each problem and challenge in life have different ways to settle with. I believe that those difficulties is to make me grow up and always remember God, so I could be always in his guidance. Every time I get a problem in my life, I try to be patience because I know everything that happened in life has planned by God, believe that there’s happiness after the difficulties. Honestly, it’s not as easy as I say because sometimes I feel like hopeless, give up, and mad at everything but then I try to control myself, and face the problem with sincere.

Okay, the last I want to say human makes mistakes, nobody can’t slipped away from the mistakes so aplogize me if I said something wrong that make you or whoever dissapointed or hurt. Apologize me, I was just trying to say, everythings on my mind, so that’s all. Thank you

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