Awkward silly moments

"The shine in your eyes makes a millions of butterflies flutters their wings inside of me"
( Friday, August 23th, 2013)

I spent the rest of the class listening to the music. I saw you standing infront of class, then you walked towards me and sat down beside me, I turned down the volume on my ipod as I tried to breathe normally. You asked about what music did I listen to, I told you that I listen to jazz music then you stared at me and it feels like the butterflies are beginning to flutter their wings inside of my tummy. We suddenly quiet, I don't wanna stuck in silence so i started to ask a silly question like "Huah this songs makes me hungry, is there any songs that could satiated me?" as I rolled my eyes, waiting for your response but you burst out laughing and said that I was funny. It just made the butterflies in my tummy became wild and I feel like wanna kill them but my heart says "Don't kill them, please" I sighed laudly as I saw you laugh.

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