"You are the sun, I am the rain, together we make the rainbows"
( Tuesday, August 13th, 2013)

It was Tuesday morning, and the weather was cloudy and windy. There was a boy standing on the school balcony and I knew the boy who stood there is you, so I come close to you as I  took a deep breath to hide my embarrassed feelings, you glanced at me then you started to talk. You told me that you wanna see the sun comes up to chase away the rainclouds but I said to you that I love rain and wish the rain fall down to earth so I can see the grass and leaves get wet in the rain because it would bring me to the peacefulness. You turned your head slightly with a smile and then said “Let the rain and sun come together, because they are gonna make a rainbow” I smile back instead of agreeing. Finally, God heard our wish, and He made it comes true, we put the biggest smile on our face and say “Thank God ! ” together.

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