28 September 2014

How long should I keep this feeling?

( Thursday, 16th january 2014)

"Diary, now I wonder why I keep hiding this feelings and writing about him on you? do you think he likes me back? does he think about me like I do? Huh I wish !! You know I feel that he kinda likes me too because I often caught him stared at me, he makes me smile when I'm sad, he laugh at my jokes even it's not funny. Hahaha weird.

Everything he did to me make me put my hopes too high, I'm scared if I would fall down and break to pieces, diary could you tell me how to stop this? I've been trying to pretend like I don't care about him but it couldn't help me to stop liking him !! grrr stupid girl, of course you couldn't erase those feelings, you just "pretend" you don't I really ignore him hahaha okay why the hell am I talking to myself now? leave it!

Diary, you know? Even untill now, nobody knows that I like him because I'm really good at hiding my feelings and now let me go to sleep because my bed can't stop calling my name. bye


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